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Student Gallery

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Art Classes

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Weekly 1 Hour Group Classes for Ages 5-17

Painting | Drawing | Printmaking | Sculpture

Brushworks offers weekly art classes all year long. Our art program is a fun and educational art experience for kids and teens ages 5-17.


No prior art experience is required to enroll in our program and students of all skill levels are accepted. Classes are held during after school hours and an early afternoon option is offered for homeschoolers.

Our goal is to help artists achieve their artistic potential through guided instruction and individual creativity. Our classes are structured so that beginner to advanced students can benefit from our program.

About Our Art Program

  • Classes meet once per week for 1 hour.

  • We teach the fundamentals of art and techniques in a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture and printmaking.

  • Our art projects are created by our experienced instructors to be fun and educational. Mediums are rotated so there is always something new to create.

  • Our non-competitive environment allows students to explore their creativity while providing enough structure to ensure skill development.

  • We incorporate art history into some of our lessons.

  • Small class sizes mean students can have more attention from our instructors.

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Acrylic - Watercolor 


Charcoal - Pencil Color - Pastel - Graphite


Sculpey - Paper Mache


Gelatin Printing - Styrofoam


Kids ages 5-9

During this early stage of learning, students are taught the fundamentals, principles, and elements of art through guided step by step projects. Students explore their creativity in through color, pattern, and texture while providing structure to grasp the fundamentals.

These are the years in which the student is learning basic forms, color mixing, how light affects an object, overlapping, and dimension. Often times young students' fine motor skills will benefit tremendously from learning and practicing art.

Youth ages 10-12

As students progress to the intermediate stages ages 9-12, they begin to get a mixture of follow along projects (for new techniques) and independent projects in which they practice and perfect learned skills incorporating their own creativity into every project. 

Teens ages 13-17

Teen students are able to focus on the mediums and techniques that appeal to them. At this age they have developed most of the basics and intermediate techniques to a high level and are ready to begin discovering who they want to be as an artist. They often begin to "break the rules" as an important part of experimenting and finding their own style.



Do students need prior art experience? 

No previous art experience required. Our classes are structured so that students of any skill level can participate and learn from our lessons. 

Do I have to bring my own art supplies?

All supplies for class are included in the tuition and are provided at our studio. We also have smocks to wear while in class to help protect clothing from paint.

Are students required to practice at home?

Practicing at home is not required but we do encourage students to do so. Art is like any other skill, the more you practice the better you will become.

Does Brushworks have student gallery showings?

Brushworks hosts student gallery shows at least once per year. Family and friends are invited to attend and view all of the student's artwork. Galleries are usually held at the Brushworks studio but also have been held at places like the Waterlife Museum in Houma, LA. Brushworks has also hosted a Christmas charity fundraiser. Student created and sold artwork such as ornaments and Christmas cards to the public with 100% of the funds going to charity.

Do you offer makeup lessons?

We cannot provide makeups for absent art students. However during the student's next class one of our instructors will work one on one with the absent student to catch them up with rest of the class.

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